Professional Pool Player For Three Decades

Cecil P. "Buddy" Hall (born May 29, 1945 in Metropolis, Illinois) is an American professional pool player for three decades. ​Buddy earned the name "the Rifleman" for his upstanding accuracy in his field. Hall is credited for his signature "Clock System" technique. It is a practice of hitting the cue-ball using the clock mechanism for where to aim.

In his early days of being a young teen hall began playing in a soda shop in his hometown. After skirting the roadblock of his age Buddy was able to win his first professional tournament at the age of seventeen in straight pool, (which he did not even play at the time.)

He first gained some prominence at the Johnson City tournaments, his career and passion took off ever since then. 
The Clock System
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Buddy "The Rifleman" Hall’s Life Time Record

12 World Titles in all divisions 9-Ball,
One Pocket & Bank Pool,
Winner of 67 Major Tournaments,
200 plus Pro Events,
World Title - 1992 International Challenge of Champions,
Two Time Professional Billiard Tour Player of the Year,
Pool & Billiards Magazine Player of the Year,
Billiards Digest Magazine Player of the Year,
1991 & 1998 Two Time Winner of the U.S. 9-Ball Championship.